Throwing in the Towel (Kinda)

When I first put together my inspiration board and projects for the Colette Pattern Spring Palette Challenge I planned on making 5 items. Well, there’s no way I will be done by the end of March, but I definitely plan to forge ahead and make them! It was great to have this to get me thinking about my next few projects, and I love seeing what everyone has come up with so far. I had a hunch that things would be really busy around here and sewing time would be minimal, but I’m hoping to get back into the swing of things as spring arrives.

The good news is I have 2 of the planned dresses almost done (and a pair of pants/trousers almost done!).  We should be having sunny days this weekend, the perfect opportunity to take some photos. I also signed up for a fashion drawing and draping class this Sunday, which I’m really excited about! In April I’ll be taking a pattern drafting 5-class course so yay! How many !!! can I fit into a paragraph?

I’ve gotten a few emails about the peacock feather sundress I plan to make, thank you!  That one is top of my list to make, and I can’t wait to get working on it soon.  I haven’t seen too many finished versions, but I’m banking on the fact it’s going to be a very fun dress to wear.

To close, here’s a pretty photo I took of all the buttons in my collection, mostly thrifted, some new.  I plan to use the Mickey Mouse ones found at center for little bags for kids in the family.  This photo (and the wee drawer) just makes me happy- oh the colors, designs and shapes!

Happy weekend!


3 thoughts on “Throwing in the Towel (Kinda)

  1. I love that peacock feather sundress! It's such beautiful fabric.I'm never going to finish my items by the end of March, either. I'm a slow stitcher, so I plan to take my time and go at my own pace. Glad to see I'm not the only one! 🙂

  2. Sarah, I figured it's better to have wearable outfits at the end of this more than anything else, and I'm thinking most others would agree! :)And thank you montanachic! Pastels are definitely more spring like, but the winter is so dreary that I immediately think of bold colors at the first sight of a warm day!

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