"Sewdreaming" in NYC

I thought I’d share some photos of a new-to-me fabric and knitting store I visited in Brooklyn today. It’s called the Brooklyn General Store and is located in Carroll Gardens. I used to live around here and never knew this existed, but then again I wasn’t sewing in those days so…

pic name
pic name

It looks like an old-fashioned general store (or it actually was one, not sure). I love the ladder on the track up against the shelves seen in the photo on the left. I wanted to climb on it and sail across the room like Belle in Beauty and the Beast! Behind the ladder is a box full of Colette Patterns. There are also a lot of cute Japanese fabrics.

Have you been here? I was good and didn’t buy any fabric! I did pick up some yarn for a little knitting get-together a friend is having tomorrow. I’m going to attempt the snood pattern that Karen from Did You Make That? posted on her blog. She’s inspired so many versions that when I was looking for a beginner level project for tomorrow that’s what came to mind! I think we tend to call those cowls here in the States, but I like the sound of snood better (was anyone else addicted to the game “Snood” back in the day?!).

Oh, and I also attended the BurdaStyle launch party a month or so ago here in NYC! It was held in a neat old bookstore in SoHo, and I found out later that the red dress in the photo here was created by Casey of Elegant Musings. Really cool to see the projects in person, but boy was it toasty in there. I also said “hi” to Gertie real quick, I’m sure she got a lot of those that night!

And I’ll leave you with a glimpse of the holiday shops and the glowing marble fountain in Bryant Park. I bought some earmuffs to warm myself up and just enjoyed walking around, listening to the Christmas music, and watching people ice skate. Such a festive time of year in the Big Apple.
So long for now, and I hope to be near my sewing machine sometime soon. I haven’t forgotten you, Oolong II!

15 thoughts on “"Sewdreaming" in NYC

  1. This place looks lovely! I also couldn’t help but notice that you bought earmuffs at the Bryant Park Holiday Shops in Dec 2011–I did too! I’m assuming we found ours at the same shop 🙂 Unfortunately I seem to have misplaced mine so I’ve been searching Google and your review came up. I know this is probably a long shot but–

    Do you remember which shop you found the earmuffs at? Or could you check the tag on the earmuffs for a brand name/ maker/ anything? I was in love with these earmuffs I’ve since misplaced and I’d really appreciate any help. I remember the shop had dozens of earmuffs with similar styles, just different colors and patterns.

    If you can help me in any way, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks in advance!!

    • Hi Jency! I bought my earmuffs from a shop near the fountain in the last photo. Unfortunately I can’t remember the name of the shop, and my earmuffs don’t have a label. I did find the map for the holiday shops http://theholidayshopsatbryantpark.com/maps

      I went a few weeks ago and the shop that I visited in 2011 was still located in the same spot, so the map should hopefully be helpful in locating the shop you bought yours from! I thought I would be able to find the one I went to on the map, but I can’t tell. At the very least perhaps you could look at the list of shops on the map and something might ring a bell. Good luck!

      • Thanks so much Amanda! I’m actually heading to NYC tomorrow so I’ll definitely check out the shops near the fountain. I asked someone on another blog too and they mentioned that they found their earmuffs at G&N NY (which doesn’t have a website!) so I’ll be checking that one out too!! Thanks again 🙂

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