My (Almost) Sewing Reunion

I’m so happy, this weekend I’m going to be reunited with my long lost sewing machine! It’s been a couple of weeks since my move and while I was in transition there was no sewing to be had.

Now that I’m in my new apartment my sewing machine, fabrics, patterns, etc. will have a home again. The photo in this post shows the only sewing-related items I’ve had with. I had this idea that, between starting a new job and finding an apartment, I’d somehow get started with my coat muslin. Yeah right! I did get to read some of that Tailoring book seen in the photo though, a Christmas present from my sister.

I’m excited to get sewing again! I’d love to make more Sewaholic Renfrews for work (and take better photos than I posted – sometimes I really can’t take a good photo!).

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone 🙂 Oh, and I can’t wait for the season finale of Downton Abbey! Yay for Sybil and Branson! How cute are they?


3 thoughts on “My (Almost) Sewing Reunion

  1. Had to google who Sybil and Branson were. Downton Abbey seems to get mentioned a lot in the American blogs. Is it really that popular? Or just with viewers interested in period costume?

  2. Ah, thanks to your comment I added a part about Downton Abbey, I didn't realize I forgot to mention it! It does seem to be mentioned a lot, doesn't it? I grew up watching British period dramas with my mom so when we heard about this one (from a sewing blog!) we started watching. It's not popular or even known about everywhere here but a lot of my non-sewing friends watch it too. I also noticed that a lot of American sewing bloggers drink tea, which is not typical of what most drink here (coffee). I guess there's something about British TV and tea that goes well with needle and thread 🙂

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