Sidewalks of New York

Thank you for your comments on my Parfait dress! I had a nasty cold this past week and all of you certainly brightened my day! 🙂

I see so many fun outfits just by walking the sidewalks of New York and I end up taking photos of some of them with my phone’s camera. Really just outfits I see in store display windows, as I think it would be a little weird to take photos of actual people and then post them on my blog without their permission!

Anyway, that leads me to a little feature I’d like to post whenever inspiration strikes: Sidewalks of New York. It all came about as I was looking through old emails and found that I had taken photos of cute skirts here in the city last year. I had clearly forgotten about them! So here they are:

I know spring and summer are over here, but it doesn’t hurt to keep these bookmarked for next year! Or maybe these will inspire those of you in the southern hemisphere? 🙂 I think the black skirt paired with tights would work for fall and winter. These were in display windows on the Upper West Side, I’m pretty sure along Broadway.

Love, love the first outfit – the whole thing. The yellow skirt with the rope tie is such a cute idea! If I’m not mistaken, that one is from Ann Taylor Loft.

Happy weekend, friends! Looking forward to sharing a new blouse soon.


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