Kwik Sew 3749: Cats Out of the Bag

I took a little break from garment sewing to make this bag for a little girl’s birthday present. It’s a miniature version of Kwik Sew 3749, a pattern I’ve made a ton of times but have never shown on the blog. That pattern makes a HUGE bag so I scaled down the pattern pieces to make it “little girl” friendly.

The print is so sweet. I scooped it up the second I saw it because the black cat reminds me of the little girl’s cat! I figured she’d get a kick out of that. The fabric is a sturdy cotton, which works perfectly for a bag and whatever Care Bears or Rainbow Brite dolls she’ll carry in it (or whatever the kiddies are into these days ;)).

There are six pleats at the top, just below the band, and I added extra pleats at the bottom. I had fun placing the band pieces in such a way that the cats look like they’re popping up from the seam! Another slight variation I did this time around was use a decorative stitch at the top rather than a straight stitch.

Look, I even inadvertently created “Cyclops Kitty” with one of the pleats. See her there, the orange one in the center?! The black cat, on the other hand, is peaking out of the side seam, which I think is cute. 🙂

Here’s a peak inside the bag. I used leftover chambray from my 1920s Tulip Kimono – don’t you love when you use up your scraps? Totally justifies keeping them around all this time! Originally I thought of going with a fish print for the lining with the idea the cats on the inside band would be amused by the swimming fishies below. In the end, I thought it would get a bit too busy for all that and remembered this chambray at the bottom of my scrap pile.

The inside includes a large pocket for holding Play-Doh…or a smart phone (yikes!). I used the same decorative stitch on the pocket as the outside band – that’s called tying it all together, people! 🙂

Oh, and I’ve named this miniature version of Kwik Sew 3749 the “Darla” bag. I’ve also made an even smaller version that I’ve called the “Daisy Dimple” bag, reserved for the littlest of little rascals! Bonus points if you know where these two names come from, although I did just give it away, didn’t I?

And that’s all she wrote! A great bag pattern that you and every other woman in your family will love again and again. No, seriously, if you don’t want to make this pattern again and again and again then don’t show it to any female you know. 😉

I hope you’re off to a great week, world!


4 thoughts on “Kwik Sew 3749: Cats Out of the Bag

    • It was wonderful to meet you too, Shelley! I hope you enjoyed your new wool purchase. 🙂 And some of us were talking about a meet-up at some point, so we should definitely plan one!

    • Thanks, Meg! I just got a great comment from my mom saying she liked how the decorative stitching turns the kitties on the inside band into flower kitties (and then adding, “I’m from the ’60s generation after all!”). Maybe I should rename this the Flower Power bag. 🙂

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