“Don’t You Love New York in the Fall?”

“It makes me want to buy school supplies.”

Do you know that movie reference?! 🙂 Such a good one! And such a timely quote given that Saturday was the first official day of fall.

Gourds aplenty at the Union Square Farmer’s Market. Doesn’t it look like that lady is holding up those wee pumpkins just for me?! Alas, it isn’t so.

Well, anyway, the cool autumn breeze is in the air and though I do love warm weather and sunny sundresses, it’s time to get real and plan for the cooler months ahead.

The pieces below are ones that I consider to be good additions to my handmade closet; I also have ones that I didn’t photograph that I’d like to sew up in the coming months. Some of these I feel will transition well into spring, which gives me more time to get them done!

Here’s what I’ve dreamed up so far:

This poor fabric keeps getting reassigned to a new pattern every time I think about it (notice how “Rooibos” – the Colette Patterns dress – is written on the info card?!). I’ve paired it with Simplicity 5454, view 2 (from 1982) here, but I’m now thinking I might turn it into Gertie’s pencil skirt or a 1970s skirt pattern I own.

The Renfrew top from Sewaholic Patterns. A great basic that I’d like to make up in this stripey knit. Right now I’m leaning towards the scoop neck/long sleeve version. For some reason, I despise long sleeve shirts (my solution in winter is wearing cardigans over short sleeves), but I really do love the long sleeve Renfrew I made earlier this year so it’s time to make more! I’d love to pair it with the red skirt above…

The Vogue 8379 wrap dress in short sleeves. I had no idea until I searched for finished versions on the web this week that this pattern is super popular. I’ve noticed that many ladies have taken quite a lot of fullness and length out of the skirt to give it more of that classic Diane von Furstenberg look and I’ll definitely do the same. It does pay to do some research before cutting into your fabric! I particularly love this version in black from the Selfish Seamstress.

A dress so nice, I’ll make it twice! The fabric is from Gorgeous Fabrics and the description said this is the same exact fabric used for Kate Middleton’s engagement dress. In photos her dress looks electric blue to me, but maybe that was the camera playing tricks because this fabric in person definitely looks purple. Oddly enough in this photo it looks more electric blue. Go figure. I might make the long sleeve version for this one.

I’ve already made two skirts from this much beloved pattern – the Candy Apple Beignet and the Traveling Beignet – so why not another? I think this gray wool gabardine would make for a great office staple! I just need to find the right buttons… Does anyone else prefer these old Colette Patterns cover designs to the new ones?

I thought I’d finally dive into the Colette Sewing Handbook by working with the Taffy blouse. Doesn’t the model look like a little Tinker Bell style pixie in this photo next to the giant roll of fabric? So cute! Might be my favorite photo of the bunch just because of that. 🙂 I plan to underline this poly chiffon so I’m not pulling my hair out trying to sew up such a delicate fabric. Bonus that this blouse will go with both skirts I have planned!

I thought this fabric would be cute with the Colette Patterns Rooibos dress. It’s a medium-weight cotton that I think will work well with this dress’s more structured design. I’m imagining it paired with a cardigan for the cooler months! Still need to find contrast fabric for the facing/collar.

And I’ll end with this planned tailored wool coat for the coldest of winter days. I’m actually very excited about all the pad-stitching and such, as I find hand sewing very relaxing! The fabric is an Italian herringbone wool from Gorgeous Fabrics and I’ll be sewing up view C (minus the ruffle). I thought about pairing it with that deep pink Bemberg lining, but now I’m wondering if I should go with black to be more neutral…?

So that’s the general idea for now. Let’s see what I cook up first!


14 thoughts on ““Don’t You Love New York in the Fall?”

  1. You have a very full plate with all of these projects! 🙂 I love your coat fabric & pattern & lining. Can’t wait to see your progress on that one.

    • It’s so true, Liz! My thought is that some of these can work for the spring too, so that if I don’t finish by then I still have time to work on/wear them! My priority is the coat – my friend is making sure I don’t slack on that one. And thanks for the thoughts about the lining color! 🙂

  2. I love “You’ve Got Mail!” I swear, I think about that quote every time the leaves change. I’m loving all of your sewing plans, especially the Renfrew and the red skirt – I think those would be stunning if you paired them together but I’m a total nerd for nautical looks 🙂 Love all the Colette pieces too, especially the Beignet – I think I might eventually make that pattern because your versions are all so lovely!

    • It would be a cute nautical look, the red skirt and the white stripes. Didn’t think of that! I’m thinking the tailored coat will slow down the other projects, but I really need to get that darn thing done.

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