I’m in the Mood for…Mood

I’m sure I’m not the first to come up with that post title. Oooh, clever.

Remember how I said I was headed to the Garment District on Saturday for some top-stitching thread? Well, I decided to head to Mood! Guess where everyone else decided to go? Mood! The nice man working on the 3rd floor in the fancy suit fabric section said the best time to come on Saturdays was from 10-12 “when all the New Yorkers are sleeping.” After that, it’s party city! Duly noted, sir, duly noted.

photo 1

Random Photo Alert: Not Mood, but aren’t these travel sewing machines in the front super cute?!

On Saturdays they close at 4. Since it takes me 10 years to write a blog post, re-size and insert photos, edit, etc. I got a late start and arrived around 3. You have to take an elevator (or go up the secret staircase) to get to Mood on the 3rd floor. And you know the elevator operator knows everyone that gets in wants to go to the 3rd floor haha. Come to think of it, it’s pretty ridiculous how much energy is used up by that elevator going up and down constantly when all you really have to do is climb two flights of stairs! Oh well, I’m sure Mr. Elevator Operator doesn’t mind the job security. 🙂

Anyway, here is the scene at 4. The store appropriately put the song “Closing Time” on the loudspeaker:

photo 2

Mood takes up three stories. You enter at the 3rd floor, but it also occupies the 2nd and 4th floors of the Bricken Arcade Building at 225 West 37th Street. Abraham Bricken was one of several developers who had multiple buildings constructed in the Garment District. I was able to take in a fascinating exhibit at the Skyscraper Museum in lower Manhattan a couple months ago on the creation of the Garment District – it’s no longer showing, but check out the sidebar of the museum’s website for additional links about the history of this once bustling area, including this great video from 1952!

Anyway, I took the photo above of the line at closing time. Lots of ladies and gents getting ready to pay and head out the door with their fabric purchases.

photo 3

And here I am taking a photo from the back of the line! The stairs I was just on is in the back. Actually, the line moved pretty swiftly so kudos to the Mood staff and shoppers alike. It was all very civilized too; every so often someone would ask the person behind them to hold their place as they dashed off to pick up matching thread for the fabric in their hands.

The good thing about only giving yourself an hour to shop is you don’t really leave yourself too much time to buy. A good thing, folks! Even though I was there to pick up thread, I couldn’t just leave without picking up some fabric too! I’ve actually been surprisingly good about going into Mood and just browsing this past year, but as a reward for almost being done with my wool coat I just had to get something to celebrate. 😀


This is what I came away with – a pumpkin orange wool with beige Bemberg lining destined to become a pencil skirt or something to that effect. It’s just like me to buy wool fabric just ahead of the warmer months. It’ll be nice for spring and fall though. I was on the lookout for fabric in this color in my attempt to one day recreate this beautiful outfit I pinned on my “Ideas for Separates” board on Pinterest. Now I’m just on the lookout for some soft white fabric spotted with black polka dots to complete the look! I already have similar shoes.

Also, I had no idea, but Mood has a card called “Mood Rewards” that you give to the staff person who cuts out your fabric. You earn points with each swipe! Another nice man on the 3rd floor said “Use this and great things will happen.” Yippy! I later found out you have to earn 500 points in order to start seeing the magic, but I’m 64 points in so away we go. Another added bonus of the card is that Swatch the dog is on it (you can see Swatch casually walking around the store – it’s pretty cute).

Lladybird’s Sewing Meet-Up
Is anyone going to the sewing meetup on Saturday with Lladybird Lauren and crew? I was going to go, but an event I had already signed up for was postponed in February and then rescheduled for the very same day as the meet-up. Oh well! C’est la vie. If you do go have a wonderful time!


10 thoughts on “I’m in the Mood for…Mood

  1. Great picks! And that outfit is adorable, I can’t wait to see it done! It will be a nice change of pace after all that work with your beautiful coat 🙂

    • I agree, I can’t wait to work on it! Although I have 2 dresses in the sewing queue that have to be done first. I’m trying to be disciplined. 🙂

    • oonaballoona, I know! I was so disappointed that of all days the other event had to be scheduled at the same time as Lauren’s meet-up. 😦 I even mentioned in her blog post that I was looking forward to finally meeting you! I would truly love to get together for a New York meet-up. I see that New York bloggers are meeting every so often?! 😀

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