V8379 Dress: Silver White Winters that Melt into Spring

Hey gang! I’m back with another creation. But, first, I’d just like to thank you so very much for all your wonderful comments on my coat post! I responded to each and every one of you. I might still get some more wears out of the coat since it’s proven to be suitable for temperatures in the low 50s (~11C). I don’t like to layer, which definitely helps!

Okay, so “toodle-oo winter” because it’s back to my newest spring creation, even if it was on my fall sewing list hehe. This is my second version (with a few changes) of the ever-so-popular Vogue 8379 wrap dress.

purple vogue8379

This fabric has a bit of an interesting story, so let’s chat. You see, this is yet another purchase from Gorgeous Fabrics that I made about a year and a half ago, which means it was an online buy. It’s an Italian crepe jersey listed as “royal blue” in color. When I read the description – “the color of Kate Middleton’s engagement dress” – I was sold! I just loved that electric blue color she wore when she and Prince William announced their engagement at St. James’s Palace in London.

And then the fabric arrived. It was…purple. Or so it seemed. Was I crazy? Color blind? Ann from Gorgeous Fabrics is a reliable source so I figured I was nuts. I looked up images of the engagement dress and noticed something: certain websites showed the dress as looking more purple in color. Hmmm, getting closer, Sherlock. I then whipped out my camera and took a photo of the dress, which magically transformed to royal blue. Aha! Well, I’ll be.

And that’s how it appears in all these photos. Can’t seem to show you what it looks like in real life. I did ask friends and they felt it was purple too so at least I’m not the only one. 🙂

purple vogue8379

Ann isn’t kidding in her description when she says it skims over curves; I originally took out a lot of fullness in the skirt and it was way too form-fitting for my liking (admittedly, a lot of the fault goes to my sad attempt at altering the pattern pieces). I’ll leave that design for a thicker fabric. Luckily, I had enough fabric left to cut out this very full skirt. I really love this fabric’s soft drape.

Some changes were made this time around: I raised the hem 4 1/2″ so that it’s above-the-knee length and I also used the short sleeve length of view A that I shortened another 2″. Between the thinner fabric being more suitable for warmer weather and feeling that the extra length in a solid just didn’t feel right to me, I’m happy with these changes. Bring on that humid New York summer!

purple vogue8379

I had wanted to take these photos outside today, but it was so blustery! So here you get to catch a glimpse of my kitchen and some Bauer pottery I picked up in Los Angeles. The little ball of yarn peeping out from the creamer is left over from my snood/cowl (that I admittedly didn’t wear this winter – whoops).

This fabric, which really is wonderful, had a bit less stretch than my other version so I went with a straight size 10 this time around (last time I cut a size 8). Size 10 is closer to my actual measurements save for the waist. One of the things I love about knits is that I can use one size; with wovens I have to go up one size at the waist. Most of my RTW dresses are made of stretch fabrics so no wonder I didn’t realize I would need to go up a waist size when I ventured into sewing with wovens!

I serged the seams together, but you can make this with your regular machine’s zig zag stitch. There’s top-stitching along the edges of the dress, the hem, the ties, and the sleeves. I’ve found that turning the edges in and top-stitching 1/4″ from the edges works just fine for me over the long run, so I didn’t add the facings. There are two pleats on each front bodice, which show a lot better here than on my other printed version.

purple vogue8379

Here’s a shot of the ties from the back. Sooooo much better with the full skirt, let me tell you! As with my last version, I used stay tape to reinforce the shoulder seams. I like to add it to the back bodice seam allowance so that when I press the seam to the back the tape is hidden.

I really like this pattern because it comes together fast. I cut out knits on a single layer rather than on the fold since I find it’s easier to keep the fabric from shifting; this is the longest part of the process. I put this together over a couple of evenings and it would’ve been done faster had it not been for the slim skirt fiasco of aught 13.

purple vogue8379

I thought I would see what it would look like belted, just for kicks! My friend picked up this pretty belt on a trip to Indonesia and it adds such nice color to solid dresses. This outfit would be good for accessorizing, which I tend not to do. 🙂 Here I’ve paired the dress with one of my favorite necklaces that I never wear for some reason – I picked it up during a visit to the Central Park Zoo and it has little animals on it. Cute! Maybe this dress will encourage me to bring out my necklaces more.

Well, that’s it for now. I’m off to get ready to watch episode 2 of Mr. Selfridge on Masterpiece Theatre. Anyone else catch the premiere last week? I’m a fan of Henri, but, I have to say, Jeremy Piven in period costume kinda threw me off at first. Ari Gold in Edwardian London – how about that?!


16 thoughts on “V8379 Dress: Silver White Winters that Melt into Spring

  1. Just lovely! That is so weird about the color, it totally looks blue in all the photos! Regardless purple or royal blue, it looks fantastic — great job!

  2. The color looks great on my monitor! Blue or purple, I’m sure it’s beautiful either way 🙂 This dress is just lovely on you, and your kitchen is awfully cute too.

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  5. This looks so pretty, I love the bold colour ;). I’m attempting this one tonight. It’s going to be my first knit project so I’m glad you said it was a quick one (leaves me more time to fix the mistakes I am bound to make).

    • Good luck, and yay for conquering knits! It helps to practice on some scrap fabric so you can get the tension, etc. just right, but yes once you cut out the pieces it does move along quite nicely. 🙂

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