Nicola Progress and Colette Events


Here’s a quick shot of the bodice of my latest work in progress, the Nicola Dress by Victory Patterns. I was originally going to use another fabric for this dress, but since I’m on a tight deadline and the sheer fabric was going to require underlining, I decided to go with this rayon instead. The print is called “Van Gogh” – perfect because the event I’m going to will be in an art gallery!

I made a muslin of the top and it fit well enough for me to say, “Just go for it, kiddo.” I cut a size 2 at the bodice and transitioned up to a size 4 at the waist, which is what I usually do. There are a lot of darts on this baby! Three on each bodice piece and two in the back (so eight total). The rayon wasn’t liking my chalk pen so I thread traced the darts instead. Took some time but they came out nice.

One thing I noticed is that I probably should have done an FBA. I’ve only seen a few other finished versions of Nicola online and I could sense that this neckline might be a bit revealing on me – turns out I was right! I mean, it’s nice for a date or something…but not a work event. 🙂 It all works out though because I happen to have a matching camisole that will pair nicely with this dress.


Learning at Mood
In other news, I attended my very first seminar at Mood: “Sewing with Silk,” which was lead by Sarai of Colette Patterns (you can see a photo of the class on the Colette blog, the Coletterie). Definitely a very interesting class and discussion – I even wore my new purple/blue wrap dress to mark the occasion! The card stock with silk swatches was a really nice souvenir everyone took away from the class. Each swatch comes with handy information on how to work with that type of silk. Yay! Wouldn’t it be neat to have a binder of these for different kinds of fabrics? Especially for those who rely heavily on buying fabrics online…

Colette Spring Party
I also attended the Colette Patterns Spring Party at Brooklyn General! If you wore a Colette design you received 20% off fabric, so my Oolong dress gave me a discount on one yard of this pretty Liberty Tana Lawn. My first Liberty purchase. 😀 I was banking on the fact that I could make a simple blouse out of this; when I returned home I successfully fit the Colette Sencha pieces on it – woohoo! A $28 blouse made of some high quality fabric – not too shabby, not too shabby at all, I say.

The party was good fun. It was nice to see Wanette and Shelley as well as other new faces! I also had a chance to chat with Sarai and her husband, Kenn, at the end of the party. Oh, and it was cool enough that evening for me to wear my coat, too. Fun times with the sewing crowd, fun times, indeed. 🙂 The event was also covered over at the Coletterie where you can see me in my dress!


8 thoughts on “Nicola Progress and Colette Events

    • Yeah, apparently velvet was made of silk until WWII when it then became scarce. You can still find silk velvet today, but the pile is silk and the backing is rayon (or something like that). Pretty neat! Felt so soft – I want to make something with it. 🙂

  1. Sounds like so much fun! Sarai talked about the class when she was here in Boston and I am so jealous that you got to attend! It sounds like it was a great time had by all 🙂 I have two pieces of Liberty that I bought in London last spring — I can’t wait to make something out of them, they feel so heavenly!

    • Ooo, I would love to buy some Liberty fabric in London! My last trip there was literally weeks before I started sewing so fabric store visits weren’t yet on the mind, unfortunately!

  2. I saw all your pics on Coletterie. You looked fabulous! And I love that silk fabric guide. Why doesn’t she sell those on her site?! The would go like hot cakes 🙂
    See you at the swimwear seminar!

    • I know! I mentioned to Sarai that it would be great if fabric guide booklets were available for purchase – they’d be so popular and valuable. Glad to hear you’re also signed up for the swimwear seminar – see you there!

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