The Perfect Sewing Fortune?


I couldn’t help but share this fortune cookie I opened yesterday. Usually these messages are pretty random, but this one in particular really resonated with me and my sewing habit (the baseball reference also helps, as I’m a huge baseball fan).

The second I read this I thought about the countless number of potential sewing projects that constantly stream through my head. I know I’m not the only one who does this! It’s so true though: wouldn’t one completed project be better than three stuck in UFO land?


This was also great timing because I’m finally determined to complete a set of seat cushions for my kitchen table. It’s only been, oh, three years since I cut out the fabric for these babies.

My incentive? I’m hosting a book club meeting this Saturday (we’re reading The Age of Miracles, if you’re curious). I have no idea if this will get done in time…


Of course, when picking up some supplies for that project at Purl Soho I also left with some Nani Iro fabric I didn’t really need. I’m thinking of either turning it into another Parfait dress or maybe finally tackling Casey’s 1950s sundress tutorial. Should I mention that less than 24 hours earlier when I bought the fabric I had plans to turn it into a skirt? 😉

Annnnnd that’s one of (way more than) three sewing thoughts left on base! I think it’s time for the 7th inning stretch so I can catch my breath, hunker down, and sew.


10 thoughts on “The Perfect Sewing Fortune?

  1. I love the fortune! So very true! I once had one that said “You cannot possibly live long enough to make all of them yourself.” Considering I have over 700 yards of fabric I think this is very appropriate to me sewing wise.

  2. So true! Since I am still packed up for the move, I haven’t been able to do anything! I now have a huge growing list of projects that I will probably never get around to. And we won’t even talk about the huge list of things that are currently packed away already cut out or awaiting a final button or hem 😉

    • Oh, that’s the tough part – having all the sewing supplies packed away and unable to sew. That was me in the early part of last year. The poor seat cushion fabric pictured in this post were one of those cut out projects patiently awaiting completion. Here’s hoping you get your sewing room up and running soon!

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