I Have TWO Sewing Rooms!

…in my dreams, that is. How cute is this farmhouse in Vermont? And, get this, the description says there are two sewing rooms in this home! Isn’t that funny? I’ve never seen a real estate listing call out a sewing room before as a way to entice prospective buyers.

What would a sewing room look like? I’m imagining huge sewing machines built into the walls and there’s nothing a future owner can do about it so they might as well call it the Sewing Room even if it’s not used that way. “Yes, just wait in the Sewing Room while I ready the champagne for this evening’s gala. Oh, pardon, I meant Sewing Room Two.”

Have you seen a sewing room included in a real estate listing before?

Want to get a group together and buy this place so it can be our sewing farmhouse retreat??!! I think so! Let’s go…and sew!


21 thoughts on “I Have TWO Sewing Rooms!

  1. Love this! I’ve never seen a sewing room listed in a real estate ad either. In my imagination there would be loads of full length mirrors, built in fabric storage and a cutting table, and old dress forms that no one bothered to move.

    • Wow, you totally nailed it on the head as far as what a sewing room should look like!!! How amazing would a room (or two) like this be in your very own home?! I’m sold.

  2. If that house doesn’t get promptly snapped up by a sewing enthusiast…. well then I’m the Queen of Sheeba. heehee! How dreamy to have two rooms? Better yet, knock the wall out in between them and turn it into a sewing studio. Nice!

    • I know! I sure hope it goes to someone who just can’t believe he/she has just landed the most amazingest house that ever was – all because there are two sewing rooms to be had!

  3. I admit, I swallowed the Kool-Aid when I saw your title!
    Two?!!! I’m jealous!

    And I love the house!

    I’m wondering, would they have been seasonal rooms? One for summer, one for winter??? Like summer kitchens?

    • Haha, I couldn’t help myself with that title! I was just too excited after coming across that listing. 😀 I originally fell in love with the house because it has that “Anne of Green Gables” vibe, which I love. And I like the idea of seasonal sewing rooms! Store all your wools in the winter sewing room and all your cottons and linens in the summer sewing room. 😉

    • This is great. It’s like when you watch “House Hunters” or one of those shows where people are looking to buy a new home and they like to consider if their pets would be happy there too. Someone should go on a show like that and say they can imagine their quilting machine enjoying the place too! 😉

  4. You know, it looks like a house you’d find around here. I am going to get in touch with a realtor friend and see if he’d be interested.

  5. Just saw this, interesting. Did he/she have one project in one room and another in a another room? Or is it his sewing room and her sewing room? I would love to see a listing like this!

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