Cozy Checkerboard Flannel “M6696” Shirtdress


Pattern: M6696 shirtdress
Fabric: 2 yards of 60″ wide Buffalo check flannel from A K Fabrics in the Garment District (I wish I had had at least 1/2 yard more though)
Notions: 10 5/8″ sailor buttons
Size: 10 at bust; 12 at waist/hips (waist should be brought in more next time)
Alterations: Similar to my first version, except this time I omitted the waistband (due to fabric shortage); made a self-fabric tie at the waist to cinch and to help hide the mismatched plaids; used the B-cup bodice pieces (and raised the waist darts 1″); lowered the skirt back darts 1 3/4″; and altered the sleeve cuff design

A warm and cozy dress for cold and snowy days is complete! Yay! Now I just need to find a cabin to sit by a fire with hot chocolate and marshmallows. Even though I think I just turned myself into a Brooklyn hipster with this flannel (L train chic?), I’m most pleased with it! For some reason I don’t like the way it photographed on me, but I like it on me otherwise. If that makes sense. 🙂


skirt-detailI think I was sipping tea when I realized the camera timer was about to go off hehe. The skirt bunched up in this photo above, which is why I’ve included this blurry yet oddly cool looking photo to my left to show you how the skirt properly hangs. My bad, it doesn’t usually bunch like that. 😀

I bought this flannel on MPB Day last August when flannel is the last thing you want to be thinking about on a humid Manhattan day. With this creation, I have officially made garments from all three pieces I bought on MPB Day (the black and white stripe was turned into an unblogged but much beloved long sleeve Renfrew). Yippy!

This time around I made view D with the longer sleeves, although I changed out the “winged” cuffs or however you call them. I was going to try them, but I ran out of fabric (I think the change I made is “more me” in the end though). Basically I just turned the cuffs into rectangles and attached them to the ends of the sleeves (and then rolled them up once in these photos).

The two yards I had just wasn’t quite enough for this dress, especially considering the attempt at plaid matching. The stripes weren’t the straightest in the world either so I tried my best to get things to match. You might notice they don’t quite line up on other side of the button placket, but I cut that on the bias to try and make this less of a visual issue. It was my first attempt and, heck, I’m giving myself a pat on the (buffalo check) back! This fabric is really soft.


Instead of the pattern instructions for inserting the collar, I turned to this most handy tutorial on Grainline Studio’s blog. Jen put it together as part of her Archer Shirt sew-along, and I found the mix of photos and text so helpful! Just one thing I didn’t get – the video part at the end showing how to attach the collar stand ends to the collar pieces. It was clear what Jen was doing, but I couldn’t get mine to sew together properly…

Oh well! I just turned the collar stand’s seam allowance under and slip-stitched it closed. Good enough (though I would like to figure out that tutorial’s last step one of these days; looks like a nice, clean finish).


I’ve had ten 5/8″ anchor buttons for a few years now and finally found a home for them! I’m not sure that plaid and sailor buttons naturally go together, but there you have it. 🙂 As with my last version of this dress, I top-stitched the button placket rather than hand-stitching it in place as the instructions suggest. Life’s just too short, my friends, and I’m already the slowest sewer on the planet.


Here’s my modification to the back again (same as last time) where I removed the fullness from the back bodice. Just say no to pouch back! Also in this version I cut the yoke on the bias.

Changes for Next Time
I think I’ll work on bringing the waist in a bit more. I cut a size 12 there and it could be brought in a bit. Not a big deal here since I’ve paired this with a belt though. Also, I think I might try a swayback adjustment.

Well, that’s it! A cozy flannel shirtdress to keep me warm and happy on these cold winter days. I have the day off tomorrow for President’s Day and am already thinking of tackling yet another red project. Perhaps a wool gabardine Beignet skirt. Have I mentioned I love wearing red? 🙂


18 thoughts on “Cozy Checkerboard Flannel “M6696” Shirtdress

  1. L train chic! love it! i’m actually working on a flannel dress myself right now – blue flannel gingham and the papercut sylphide. this looks extremely cozy but also really stylish, a great combo!

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