Battle of the Sewing Machines, The Musical


Okay, here’s an oldie but goodie that I just randomly dug up and had to share. What the heck? There’s all kinds of amazingness happening here! I feel like it’s the sewing version of the Beatles movie Yellow Submarine. It dates to 1875 and is actually a piece of music composed by one F. Hyde.

The army of Remington sewing machines is clearly winning this battle. See all the little sewing machines being shot out of that cannon like musical notes? The assault seems to be on Elias Howe (“Howe slow we go on!!!”), Singer, and anything else old timey.

You can read the little random phrases on the Library of Congress website. And if you’re near a piano, play us this piece, why don’tcha? 🙂

P.S. Just wanted to note that I forgot to mention in last week’s Charmbie post that I shortened the Cambie bodice by 1/2″ so that it hits at my natural waist. I’ve updated the post to reflect that, and wanted to make you aware in case it helps you! Working on a springtime Colette Chantilly next…


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