OAL 2014: Give Me Fabric and Give Me Yarn


Babs and Gromit, two knitting greats.

Happy Friday, all! This is quite a late post, but I’m kinda sorta joining the Outfit-Along currently being hosted by Lauren of Lladybird and Andi of Untangling Knots. I say kinda sorta because I’m not 100% sure I’ll finish in time, but I’m totally using this as the push I need to fulfill my dream of knitting a cropped cardigan (it’s the little things).

outfitalongI’m working on a dress right now that would look great with such a cardigan, but I’ll have to see if I like the color combo together. The dress features a Sewaholic Lonsdale skirt with a Sewaholic Cambie bodice and Vogue 2902‘s neckline (I’ll explain the whole random combo thing in the finished project post).

Yeah, so back to the knitting part. Knitting and me go way back, but it’s been an iffy relationship. Sure, there’s half of that boring scarf I started, um, 10 years ago maybe? And the squares that my friends and I were going to knit into a baby blanket for a classmate’s newborn that, oh, just turned nine.

But, hey, I did start to get on the right track with the snood seen round the world thanks to Karen of Did You Make That? fame. Clearly I’m on the up and up!

photo 1

So here we go! My first attempt is Andi’s Myrna cardigan, the official design of the knitting portion of the OAL. Yay! Exciting! In the past few years I’ve been thinking how nice cropped cardigans would look with my dresses and high-waisted pencil skirts, and they are truly the reason why I want to knit. So why not just knit them? I love a creative challenge, and the projects I’ve done in the past, while useful, just weren’t that exciting to me. And as they say in the musical Damn Yankees, “You’ve gotta have heart.”

Anyway, this is still very much a sewing blog (my love for life!), but I’m excited to tackle these cardigans. Like Lauren mentioned in a past post, I feel like a total Andi groupie. I really just want to make a bunch of her designs. And I think that’s kind of fun, like someone who has a favorite author and reads most or all of his/her books.

As it turns out, knitting is quite handy in my life. From waiting in a really long line to see the Germany v. Ghana World Cup match last Saturday at Loreley (whoa packed house of Germans and about three brave Ghana fans) to my daily rides on the subway. Here’s where knitting has also come into play:

photo 2

Enjoying a beautiful Saturday in Bryant Park with friends as I completed my gauge swatch. I had no idea you’re supposed to make one of these before starting, by the way. Thankfully I happened to see this on Andi’s Instagram feed! Oh, and seated next to me may just have been two pieces of fabric to make the Grainline Studio Maritime shorts. Yep, snuck in a trip to the Garment District while I was in the area. 😀

photo 3

Contemplating chopsticks and knitting needles over lunch in the garden next to our office. Perk!

photo 7

Chillin’ with Basquiat (he seems to approve?) by my cousin Andres Bella.

photo 6

Dog-sitting and catching up on the latest with old man Jepetto. I had to bug him to get him to look at the camera, otherwise he would’ve happily kept on snoozing with that ball of yarn on his side.

photo 5

Awaiting some tasty dim sum (I’m pretty sure these guys know what I’m going to order every time I set foot in here).

photo 4

Sitting at a city agency public hearing for work as I await the application I’m here to see (waiting time varies by month). That guy on the right looks like he could use a rewarding hobby too.

photo 8

And finally, admiring the sunset views of midtown Manhattan as I finish the upper back. You hear that, New York? One complete Myrna is comin’ for ya! (Please fit.)

As you can see, I omitted the keyhole in the back. If you’re making this cardigan note that there was an error in the instructions that has now been updated. I’ve had to frog this baby (now that’s a phrase) a few times, which is why the piece you see in all these photos hasn’t really changed in size. It’s cool, it’s cool. I’m learning.

I’m working with Blue Sky Alpaca worsted cotton on size US 7 (4.5 mm) circular needles, both of which came from Downtown Yarns at 45 Avenue A (between 3rd and 4th Streets). It has a cute little screen door. The yarn color is Mediterranean, which is perfect because it definitely reminds me of crystal blue water. 😀

Oh, and I’m on Ravelry! I’m still the same ol’ sewinintherain over there (knittinintherain was taken, alas!). Anyone else participating?


8 thoughts on “OAL 2014: Give Me Fabric and Give Me Yarn

    • I can believe the knitting bug! I’m in love with the Agatha cardigan, and knitting is so perfectly portable. And I just read in your post that you knit at the beach. I was just thinking about this, but wasn’t sure if I’d be getting sand on my project. I’ll have to try it! 🙂

  1. I’m doing the OAL too. My sweater is nearly done, but my dress is only just cut out, and I’m concerned it may have fit issues to work through. I thought it would take me a lot longer to knit up the sweater, but it turned out to be relatively quick. Gotta love the portability of knitting.

    • That’s great that you’re almost done with the sweater! When I’m home I tend to be sewing so my knitting time is limited. If I can learn to knit while watching TV that would be great since I can’t really sew during that time. 🙂 I hope you work out your fitting issues on your dress. I bet Myrna would look super cute with the BHL Flora you just made!!

  2. I’ve been OALing as well (as you know from Instagram!)

    I have had a similar love-hate relationship with knitting up until this year, but I am determined to finish my Myrna for the deadline. I also have a nearly finished Miette (I stopped so I could join the OAL.)

    The portability of knitting is indeed a strong mark in its favor. It’s a shame sewing requires so much STUFF. But I’ve been enjoying knitting on the metro and at lunch. It’s nice to take breaks to get in a little something different in your day. 🙂

    • Yes, it has been nice seeing what everyone is up to on Instagram! That’s great that you have two projects in the works. I look forward to seeing both.

      I was just thinking how much cheaper it is to knit than it is to sew, unless there’s something I don’t know. It also takes up a lot less space. If the work place allows for smoke breaks, then shouldn’t craft breaks be a thing? 🙂

  3. I love all the photos of where you’ve been working on it. It is a fun idea. There’s no way I would be able to finish a sweater and a dress in the timeframe of a sew-along so I didn’t sign up. I’m plugging away on a knit tank top while I wait for my yarn for an Owl sweater (the one with the cable owls on the yoke) to arrive from Montana.

    • It’s amazing how much of your life gets woven into these knitting projects due to the whole portability thing, which is why I slightly overdid it with the photos, but I’m glad you liked them. 😀 I hear ya about the sew-along timeline. Oh, and I know that Owl sweater! I’m pretty sure that’s the one that Tasia of Sewaholic posted on her blog. Cute!

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