A Year with the Minoru Jacket


Greetings, pumpkins and candy corns! It’s been over a year since I’ve made the Minoru jacket by Sewaholic Patterns, so I thought I’d do a little review on how it’s fared. In short, I love this jacket and would recommend it to anyone.

(Please know that when it comes to the Beatles I would only wear something I’m proud of  – here I am at the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts exhibition earlier this year commemorating the Fab Four’s first US visit 50 years ago!)

When Tasia first released this pattern, I really loved the casual yet figure-flattering design (the zipper and elasticized waist were two big winners in my book). Although it’s been a while since I worked on this, I remember it coming together fast so I’m hoping to make another version one of these days. I seem to have a number of coat projects lined up in my mind.

I wear this jacket in the spring and fall, and the vibrant blue adds some serious happy factor when it reemerges from storage. I really only ever pair it with jeans since I like my dresses and skirts to be covered by knee-length coats (a preference I apparently share with Sewaholic’s Caroline!). It pops so nicely against dark jeans.

photo 3

Previously unreleased footage of me at the Beatles press conference in February 1964. I had my hair cut yesterday. 😉

I cut a straight size 0, but in the future I’d go with my usual Sewaholic measurements: bust/waist 4 and hip 0. It’s just a bit snug at the bust (and sleeves) and because of that I can really only wear a thin long-sleeve shirt with it. The 0 bust size was kind of silly on my part, but at least the jacket fits. Phew! I’m so happy I used Bemberg lining for the sleeves as it really helps the jacket come on and off (the rest is lined with polka dot stretch cotton).

Another thing I’d do better next time is knowing how to sew with stretch cotton. This was my first time, and I noticed that interfacing really helps keep the cotton from stretching. There are a few puckers along the zipper placket that bug the heck out of me, and even though this area is interfaced I trimmed it to minimize bulk at the seams. In the future I’ll make sure the stitch line is interfaced too.

The hood pretty much goes unused unless I hold it in place. A lot of hair = big noggin. 😀 I knew this going in and had contemplated adding a string to gather the hood, but eh, it’s okay. When it’s drizzling I’ve just held it instead of taking out an umbrella and it holds pretty well.

photo 2

Didn’t care that people were looking at me. Had to get this pose just right!

All in all, I love you Minoru jacket! I also wore it to Workroom Social’s party in May and Sonja of Ginger Makes petted it before she headed out the door. She may not remember that but it cracked me up! She’s a funny gal.

You can see my original post on this jacket here. It also traveled with me to Paris last year!


10 thoughts on “A Year with the Minoru Jacket

  1. I love this pattern as well, (although have not sewn it). Yours is terrific, happy to hear it’s a winner in pattern and in real life! (Looking good as the 5th Beatle, by the way). 🙂

    • It’s always interesting to see how things fare! I also have this idea it helps me think more carefully about new projects, but who knows if that actually works out…

  2. This jacket is great! I have just realized I am lacking some kind of jacket like this for everyday, and I think my decision on what pattern to use has just been decided. If you were to sew it again, would you use stretch cotton again or something different?

    • Yes, I love this jacket for everyday wear! Definitely filled that gap in my closet, which is why I’d like to make another one in a slightly larger size. I actually hadn’t planned on using stretch cotton this first time around, but I loved the color so much I couldn’t resist! Turned out to be a good move though since I made the jacket smaller than I should have (that bit of stretch helped). For a future version I’m thinking I’d like to go with a warmer fabric so I can have a casual winter jacket too. Maybe fleece?? Definitely give this pattern a try!

      • Great, thanks for the suggestion. I will probably go for a warmer fabric too since then I can wear it sooner 🙂 Also, I just put up the post nominating you for the next stop on the Blog Hop! Thanks!

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