Gathered Butterfly Skirt

photo 2

I loved this silk chiffon fabric the second I spotted it at Mood here in the city. Maybe because it was back in cold and snowy January, and this looked happy and springy to me.

Even though I bought two yards (60″ wide), I could’ve easily gotten away with buying just one yard for this gathered skirt. And, honestly, I really only used two-thirds of a yard anyway. Kind of kicking myself now because the fabric was a bit pricey, but maybe I’ll turn the remainder into a dress…

I cut two pieces that were 24″ long and about 28″ wide (including seam allowances). I used the gathered skirt of the Sewaholic Cambie dress as a guide, but I ended up going with 1/2″ seam allowances instead of 5/8″. I feel like gathered skirts can be somewhat tricky for rectangular figures, at least on me. It’s a comfortable design for summer though, so why not?

photo 1

Because of the fraying, delicate, and sheer silk chiffon, I went with French seams and a lining. This is also the first time I included pockets on a skirt with French seams; turns out it’s not that hard! I used the tutorial available at Sew Mama Sew, but basically you’re just French seaming the pocket to the skirt fabric, and then French seaming the front and back skirt fabrics together. This left me with enclosed pocket seams too.

In addition to the steps outlined in the tutorial, I understitched the pockets.

photo 4

The waistband is 2″ navy blue elastic I picked up at Mood on the same day as the fabric. It’s so nice to shop for one project all at once.

photo 3

So, that’s it. My fun new skirt! It’s not as much of a home run as I thought it would be. I still enjoy wearing it, but something is off. Can’t figure out what. Maybe turning the remaining fabric into a dress will fix that. 😉


5 thoughts on “Gathered Butterfly Skirt

  1. Another amazing result, Abes. Totally beautiful from my perspective, and, I know you’ll turn the other yard of fabric into another amazing outfit. Never fear!! 😉

    • Glad you approve! I’ve worn the skirt a few times already and it’s fun to wear. And I already have plans to turn the remaining fabric into a dress!

    • Thanks! I’m actually making a Southport dress with a circle skirt just so I can use up the extra fabric. 3 yards of 60″ fabric = what was I thinking??

      • It’s so easy to lose your head in a fabric store! I’ve done that more times than I care to admit! But that sounds fantastic! I’m halfway through a Southport and wishing I had a whole fleet of them sewed already… they’re perfect for this muggy weather!

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