Pool Table Southport Dress


When I told friends I was making a pool table dress, they thought I meant a dress for a pool table. Some fancy covering or other. Nope! Just a green shot cotton dress with some 8-ball buttons I picked up along the way. All I’m missing is a cue stick necklace.

In any case, another Southport Dress by True Bias! I finished it earlier this month and have worn it a few times already. It’s so easy to slip on and go about my day, which unfortunately doesn’t consist of shooting endless rounds of pool (I’m not so good at it anyway).


Size-wise and such, I made no changes from my seashell version. I did decide to switch out the drawstring for elastic, which was really easy to do by extending the waistband casing so it goes completely around the waist (with one stitched seam). I inserted the elastic through an opening in the back casing using a safety pin – bodkins stress me out – and then closed it up. I also tacked down the elastic at the side seams to prevent it from flipping.

Even easier would have been to just fold down the seam allowance on the inside and insert the elastic that way, but I had been toying with an idea that didn’t pan out so I stuck with the outer casing.


The buttons! I bought these buttons from a now-closed store in the East Village called Archangel Antiques (I believe they still have a website though). It was owned by a couple who retired. One of those unusual cases nowadays where an NYC small business owner decided to close down by choice, not because they were forced out by their landlord due to an insane rent hike (grrr).

Anyway, they literally had millions of buttons. Millions! I saw these 8-ball buttons and thought I would make a black buttoned-up shirt with them. And then, in one of those magic 8-ball moments, I pulled out the green shot cotton from my stash (picked up at Purl Soho in 2012) and…bullseye! Oops, wrong game.


I might have said in a previous post, but the pockets on this dress are so roomy. It’s great if you love pockets! Even though I’m not a “needs all the pockets” kinda gal, I do find myself standing with both hands shoved in my pockets. Should’ve gotten a visual. Next time, because there will be a next time!

Happy end of August, folks. 🙂


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