V8379 & B5546 Candy-Button Wrap Dress

First off, I keep forgetting to thank everyone for their response to my post on the old McCall’s building a couple months ago. Thank you! It’s especially exciting to see others excited about that post, considering historic building research is my other (full-time) passion. 🙂


Speaking of forgetting (and historic buildings), here’s a dress I made the weekend before Labor Day…that I’ve continued to wear after Labor Day. You know how many random fashions there are in New York City (which is what I love about it)? I think I can get away with wearing a white dress, thank you very much! Actually, I’ve seen a number of people wearing white post-Labor Day. A bunch of rebels we’ve got going up here in the Big Apps!

I really love this fabric and how it sewed up. It’s 2 yards of sturdy double knit I bought down in Virginia on a somewhat recent trip. Even though it’s white, the fabric is thick enough that I didn’t need to line it. Perfect because who wants that if it can be avoided during the summer? Me, that’s who! I used the bodice of Vogue 8379 and the skirt and ties of Butterick 5546 in my attempt to create a classic “summer in 1950s Rome” look (AKA Roman Holiday). I’d love to do this again in a vibrant solid color.


While I was initially drawn to the fabric, I was worried that it’d be a bit much on a dress (for me, anyway). In the end, I thought a wrap dress with a collar, ties, and pleats would help break up those big dots a little. I also made the dress sleeveless, which isn’t an option on the Vogue pattern, by turning the seams in 5/8″ and top-stitching them down with my twin needle. The armholes gape a bit at the back, but I’m okay with it (I mean, at this point I have to be, right?!).


Originally I was going to make the dress using the Vogue pattern’s full skirt, but didn’t have enough fabric. Turned out for the best because I think the slim skirt looks better with the polka dots (plus, I’m not sure how well the fabric would have draped given its thickness).



I didn’t use the facing pieces for the bodice that the Vogue pattern provides. The collar is just attached to the right side of the bodice and top-stitched down with the twin needle; it was folded along with the hem for the rest of the bodice, so a bit thick to stitch over, but it didn’t give my machine any trouble. I imagine the facing piece would have resulted in a cleaner finish on the inside of the dress, but since I used white thread on white fabric it’s not so obvious.

Okay, so despite the order of photos, I first “premiered” this dress on Broadway seeing Hedwig and the Angry Inch before Labor Day. The other location is a bit upstate in Kingston, NY, just off the Hudson River. We just happened upon an Irish festival during our holiday weekend visit! And we also took a boat ride on the river where we passed this little cutie, a historic “family” lighthouse. Aw!


Have a good one, all!


10 thoughts on “V8379 & B5546 Candy-Button Wrap Dress

    • It was fun! One of my good friends was born there, but moved soon after. 🙂 I just happened to find it after searching for day trip options. I’m a sucker for cute downtowns and boat rides on the Hudson! Makes me want to check out other towns in the area. We passed Rhinebeck, which made me think of that big Sheep and Wool Festival coming up (that I kept calling the Yarn Festival…!).

  1. Lovely dress Amanda. I think the combination of the collar detail and the cute polka dot fabric is a winner. It’s a much nicer dress than either of the original patterns! You look fab! x

    • Thanks, Jane! I have to admit to liking both of the original patterns, as I’ve made a few versions of those, but I’m glad you like this one. Can’t wait to bring this one out next summer. 🙂

  2. Love the dress, a perfect mashup of patterns! It suites you perfectly. You definitely need to go to Sheep and Wool! I go up every year with friends and stay the full weekend. If you were going for a day trip though, I’d suggest going on Sunday. Saturday can be a bit overwhelming with all the people.

    • That’s good to know! I’d totally go this year if I weren’t already going to Workroom Social that same weekend. There are a lot of cool things to see in that area, so a weekend trip sounds like a nice idea.

  3. You are quite an inspiration when it comes to wrap dresses! Over the last couple weeks I’ve been hit with a need to make one right now, and actually came to your blog to check out what patterns you use 🙂 This one looks great!

    • Why, thank you! That’s very nice to hear. 🙂 Yes, definitely make a wrap dress (or a bunch!). I have a few more planned for fall/winter because they’re just so cozy to wear and easy to make – the perfect combo!

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