M6886 Dress in Blue Floral Knit


A quick make to usher in the fall, and what a nice fall it’s been! Bare legs on a November day? I’ll take that. Apologies in advance for the same smile in every photo. I’ll figure out variety one of these days…

This is McCall’s 6886, a simple pullover dress that I picked up last month during one of the McCall sales. It’s getting harder and harder to shell out more than a few bucks on a pattern! This one also comes with v-neck and higher neckline options; sleeveless, short sleeve, three-quarter, and full sleeve variations; and about three different hem lengths, from above the knee to maxi. That’s a lotta bang for your buck!


I used version D (hem falls just below my knees) with the long sleeves, size 10. The fabric is a bit thicker — I think a rayon jersey?? — so I felt it would make for a great cold weather dress. It has a bit of shine to it, which is neat.

For the record, I hardly wear high heels. But since I have them tucked away, blog photos seem like the perfect opportunity to wear them! Reminds me how I could style each outfit if I wanted to be a bit dressy.


I love how the dress fabric pairs with my red trench coat! I bought this coat years ago at a little shop in Brooklyn. The left storm flap has always…flapped up like that, yet I still wear it without much effort to fix it.

What is it about being so critical about our me-made projects and then forgiving our RTW pieces?


Maybe this is a silhouette I’m not really used to (or maybe it’s the fabric?), but I also tried belting the dress and liked the look better. Feels like it breaks up the print. I hardly wear belts, but I do have a few of them — wouldn’t hurt to put them to use, methinks.

The neckline is finished by turning the seam 5/8″ and then tucking in the raw edge for a clean look. I top-stitched all hems with my twin needle. The sleeves could probably be shortened a wee bit, which is a good thing since I think I top-stitched a bit too close to the edges there. The hems flip up occasionally. I don’t think that would’ve happened if I stitched just a hair further from the edge.


A taxi driver was waiting for someone to come out of his apartment, so was watching as these photos were being taken. Yeah, that’s what happens in the great outdoors of photo-taking!

Anyway, this fabric is very cozy. I’m much happier with the thickness, as compared to my previous Parisian striped dress (which was more of a t-shirt weight).


The white flowers on the fabric all fall in line, which is most obvious on the back of the dress (I placed the front piece so it wouldn’t do this). I also had to be careful how I placed the front piece so as to avoid awkwardness! 


A little scene out of Singin’ in the Rain, if you will! I’m looking forward to making more versions of this pattern. It can be dressed up or down, worn casually or otherwise. I also like that it’s fitted but still comfortable. And with only three pattern pieces, it’s a simple make.

I probably could’ve made all this happen with the Sewaholic Renfrew pattern I already had, but when all is said and done I’m glad I have this pattern in the mix. A wardrobe staple for all seasons is always a good thing to have around.


14 thoughts on “M6886 Dress in Blue Floral Knit

  1. That’s really cute! And I love how the blue building in your Singing in the Rain pic matches your dress perfectly! 😉

  2. I’m loving this pattern. I made four of them (not yet blogged) and haven’t stopped wearing them since! It’s so comfortable, but at the same time, it looks put together and pretty stylish, I think. You chose a great print for this dress the fabric really gets to shine in a garment like this.

    • Thank you! I found it true to sizing. With McCall’s, I typically go with a size 10 at the bust/hips and a size 12 at the waist, but I made a straight size 10 with this one (which is what I usually do with knits) and I was happy with the fit. With just side seams, you could probably easily take the dress in if it feels too big. Hope this helps!

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