M6885 Goes to Washington


How do! Last week, I headed down to Washington, D.C. for a work conference and brought a number of me-made items with me. In fact, I wore handmade all but one day while I was there. Hey, only the best for our nation’s capital. 😉

One brand new piece I brought (along with the M6886 dress from my previous post) was McCall 6885, which I finished in early October. (Just realized these two patterns follow each other in pattern numbering. Guess I really liked McCall’s offerings in that section of their website!)

The first few photos in this post were taken at the top of the Washington Monument, which is the center piece of the National Mall and built in tribute to our first president, George Washington.


This is a semi-fitted pullover dress for wovens with a button placket on the bodice only. There are four versions, and I chose view D. None of the versions have darts. I didn’t make alterations to the dress and went with a straight size 10. Normally, I would go up to a size 12 at the waist, but decided not to bother given the looser fit. Aaaand, as I’m sure you’ve noticed is my preference, I chose to use the self-fabric tie option at the waist.

Given that this is unaltered, you can see how high the hem comes up on the sides. It seems a bit more dramatic than what appears on the pattern cover, in my eyes at least. My original intention was to wear the dress with black tights, but it neared 80*F (26*C) that day in D.C. so that just wasn’t gonna happen! It’ll be a nice option for the colder months, however.


Having a moment with G Dubs.

This fabric is, I believe, a cotton flannel, which I picked up at Chic Fabrics in the Garment District about a year ago during a sewing meet-up with Liz of Zilredloh, Michelle of Tres Bien Ensemble, Lisette of What Would Nancy Drew Wear?, and Fleur of Maison Fleur Patterns (actually I should FINALLY blog about that one — what’s a year, right?!).

I only bought two yards and I just managed to fit all the pieces in. It was a struggle though, mostly because of the plaid matching. OY. The fabric is a looser weave than I had thought so it shifted a bit while sewing. On the plus side, I wasn’t burning up on this hot day, so yay.


Later that evening, my friend and I saw “Shear Madness” at the Kennedy Center. It was such a great day weather-wise that I actually walked from the National Mall to get there. A pretty easy walk, especially if you’re used to walking! Had no idea the Kennedy Center was next to the Watergate complex.

Anyway, in this set of photos I’ve tied the waist ties into a knot. Bit of a different look. Actually, I should also point out the other side of the fabric, which you can see at the cuffs and the ties. I debated making it the main side of the dress, but felt the smaller checks were a better proportion. I’m on the fence about how they look at the cuffs, but not enough to change it.

While my friend was taking these photos I was trying to show her my new Irish step dance moves (I took a class this fall). I’m mostly attempting fifth position with my feet. 😀


Detail of the placket with buttons I bought from SIL Thread in the Garment District. Turns out they have packages of buttons all ready to go there so I just bought some plain black ones. There are also two on the sleeve cuffs.


I actually didn’t realize my friend was trying to snap a photo of my dress in this shot so I’m very much in the middle of doing a dance step. Apparently her asking me to stay still wasn’t getting through to me! Hand on hip for balance as I point, point, hop back, two three.


Another dance step in which I fail to stay on the balls of my feet for the photo, buuuuuut at least it gives you a view of the back of the dress. 

This dress is cozy! Looking forward to trying this pattern again someday.


8 thoughts on “M6885 Goes to Washington

    • Me too! I’ve been eyeing so many flannel shirts lately and keep thinking about buying some from fabric from Sonja’s Hellgate Fabrics store (at least I think she sells flannel — love those plaids!!).

    • Thank you!!! And, yes, totally! It’s my new party trick. My relatives at Thanksgiving were either impressed or confused, couldn’t tell. 😉 We still need to plan knit night!

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