M6696 Parisian Shirtdress


2016 has been my most productive sewing year yet, and I kind of wonder if it’s because I stopped blogging for a while. In any case, I have a number of makes to share with you, starting with, yep, another M6696 shirtdress.

I bought this fabric nearly three years ago in Paris at Les Coupons de Saint Pierre. It was a last-minute purchase. I already had two other pieces and as I was standing in line with my friend I happened to spot it. As I remember I wasn’t even that taken with it — I liked the other two pieces more — but for the price I went for it (and obviously something about it must have drawn me in).

And there I was, fabric in hand, leaving Montmartre with the best kind of souvenir in hand.

I finally decided to make something with it last September. Odd timing, but I’m not always very strategic when it comes to planning for the cold. September is always a challenge for me with clothes. I stubbornly refuse to let go of the summer and I don’t want to admit that winter is coming, so I often spend the month and even part of October in a state of clothing confusion. As everyone gleefully reaches for their boots and sweaters, I cling to my sandals and shorts.


I eventually stopped working on it just before it came time to attach the button band and hem the sleeves and skirt. I moved on to fall-ier things.

Turns out there’s a bonus to this sort of nonsensical sewing. I felt like I was taking up a “new” project and I managed to finish in no time at all this month! I just needed some red buttons, which I picked up at Pacific Trimmings in the Garment District.


While I’ve made this pattern a few times before, this is only the second version with the pleated skirt. I love the green rayon/linen dress I made, but this fabric has a nice weight to it for the skirt. The green one feels almost a bit heavy. And it wrinkles like crazy.

I should point out that I went with the B cup option (you can choose from A through D cups) and I didn’t shorten the bodice length as I’ve done in the past. It hits just where I want it.


Because of the sheer, delicate nature of this cotton, I used French seams throughout. The pattern comes with a slip, but I haven’t made one yet (I’ve since bought fabric for one though). I’m just wearing a half slip in these photos.

I also decided to go without the collar since I like the softer look. The red “belt” is just some leftover stay tape from my stash that I added for a pop of color at the last minute. 


It only seemed appropriate to journey to the French Consulate on Fifth Avenue for these photos. Hello, Upper East Side Historic District! I remember working on a conservation project in the consulate a little over 10 years ago as a student. It was fun to have a (very small) role in cleaning the swank fireplace in the foyer.

And, no, I didn’t notice the security camera pointing right at me during this photoshoot. Well, at least I’m wearing the colors of the French flag!


8 thoughts on “M6696 Parisian Shirtdress

  1. Lovely dress, it fits you very well and the fabric gorgeous, I’m just about to make my second m6696 and seeing this has spurred me on to get on with it before our short English summer goes (currently raining though!)

  2. It’s so cute! I just love this pattern. You can never have too many shirt dresses! The print is perfect, glad you snagged that one at the last second. Also, can you pass me some of your sewing mojo, it’s been sad no sewing time, all the time, over here!

    • Hopefully now that it’s fall the sewing mojo will return! I just revamped my sewing space and tried to make sense of the chaos that was forming, so I’m looking forward to getting back to sewing myself. Also knitting!

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