Cherry Pie Agatha Cardigan


Okay, so I haven’t timed my posts just right. Because of that, you’ll be seeing yet another finished knitting project at some point in the next week or so! I like to space these babies out between sewing projects, but what can you do? Between travel and the holidays, I made much more progress on my knitting than my sewing. But it’s okay – I am pretty psyched to have added another warm wool cardigan to my wardrobe arsenal because, brrrr, it’s cold out there!

This is the Agatha cardigan by, you guessed it, Andi Satterlund. I have loved this design long before I actively took up knitting. So beautiful and intricate. Ravelry tells me I added it to my queue in September 2013, close to a year before I knitted my first ever cardigan. I made a few mistakes with this one, but since I’m still in “I turned that string into a thing!” mode I’m pleased with it. I started this around Thanksgiving, slowed down a bit over the holidays, and finally finished in January. Still playing catch-up with project posts, t’would seem.

I first wore this cardigan to work and then for dinner at Benihana in midtown – gotta look put together for my hibachi shrimp!

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Cozy Currant Miette Cardigan


Oh Nelly, the end of January is here and I’m just now posting a finished piece! Well, happy 2015, everyone! Hope you had a nice holiday season. 🙂

Okay, confession. This Miette cardigan was completed in late November and I first wore it on Thanksgiving day. Oops! Time flies when you’re busy wearing your new favorite cardigan, t’would seem. My blog documentation efforts have suffered lately, as I’ve since finished another cardigan and am almost done with a sweater. (More on my sewing progress at the end of this post.)

In short, I love this cardigan! It’s a great shape, I obviously love the cropped length, and it knits together quickly. Also, it’s a free pattern. Free! That means between the yarn and the buttons this baby cost me about $20. Good times. Leaves me more money to spend on pizza.

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