Pattern Company Notes

Do you ever notice that certain pattern companies fit you better right out of the envelope with little to no alterations? Or that there are consistent alterations you need to make time and time again?

I thought I’d dedicate a space on my blog to documenting these alterations as a way to figure out what companies work best for me. Even if several alterations have to happen before I get the right fit, I find it helpful to have these notes all in one spot.

This page is a work in progress!

Colette Patterns

  1. Size varies by pattern
  2. Bodice length tends to hit my natural waist just right


  1. Size 10/12/10
  2. Raise armscye 1″ (also raise sleeve piece 1″)
  3. Shorten bodice 1″

Sewaholic Patterns

  1. Size 4/6/0
  2. Use high bust measurement (size 4)
  3. Shorten bodice 1/2″

photo 2


3 thoughts on “Pattern Company Notes

  1. This is a fantastic idea! It’s good to know how much you’re having to alter things from the different companies given your height (I think I read on your skirt post that you’re 5’6″?).

  2. At 5’10” (and a smidge) I’m always having to fiddle with the length of patterns so any heads up for a particular company’s trends is helpful.

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