Tropical Colette Chantilly


Hi, everyone! Here we go again, another summer zooming by and I haven’t gotten through all the projects I wanted to tackle this season. Still haven’t made the shift to fall sewing though, so you’ll probably be seeing a few more summer outfits before I finally face reality. 🙂

In any case, here’s my latest creation: a tropical Chantilly dress by Colette Patterns. These photos were actually taken a few weeks ago, the day after I left my job. Then I left town for a bit before starting my next super awesome gig this month. Things have been busy, but happiness abounds.

I realized this isn’t a hard blog post to write because I already reviewed the Chantilly in this post from 2014. So…no more delays – write that post, Amanda!

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Wearing Yesteryear: April – June 2013

I’m back with another review post of past creations. If you’ve been following along you’ll know I was posting these monthly, but I thought it made sense to combine them into three-month chunks. My last post was in March, so today I’ll be covering how the garments I made from April to June 2013 fared one year later. Off we go!

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purple vogue8379

Vogue 8379 Knit Wrap Dress

I’ve worn this dress lots! As with my other versions of this pattern, this is a very practical yet fun addition to my wardrobe. It’s great for work or for special occasions, depending on how it’s styled or what kind of fabric you use. I’ve also worn this particular dress in the colder months by pairing it with tights and a cardigan.

This dress has received some nice compliments, perhaps the best one being “That looks expensive!” from the cheery cashier at Pret A Manger. I’ll take it! I want to make a dozen more versions of this pattern…

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May Flowers “Colette Chantilly” Dress


Why, hello there! Today I’m super duper happy to share my newest dress just in time for some warm weather fun. Don’t you just love when pattern and fabric come together to so perfectly match your own style? I feel like a million bucks in this baby. I want to frolick in the meadow! Or enjoy some tea in Greenwich Village with friends on this summery day (and then get said friends to help take photos of my new dress!).

Originally I had intended to wear this dress for an event earlier this month, but some adjustments I made slowed me down and I didn’t want to rush something just for one day. Better to take the time to fix it and have a dress I’ll wear for many days! Even so, I still should’ve finished this weeks ago. Busy month, folks, busy month. 😀

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Wearing Yesteryear: Class of September 2012

Hi, everyone! It’s sure been a while and September has certainly flown on by, hasn’t it? If you follow me on Instagram (or just happen to check out my Instagram photos on the sidebar of this blog) you’ll see that I definitely have had sewing on the mind. I’ve finished my Sewaholic Minoru jacket – yay! – and just need to get it photographed. So happy with this one and can’t wait to share it with you. 🙂

Okay, so now on to the third installment of Wearing Yesteryear!

The First Impressions Dress

Blog Debut: September 5, 2012
Pattern: Parfait Dress by Colette Patterns
Worn In: Summer
Wearability Meter: Wearable when I’m feeling particularly summery
Lessons Learned: Colette Patterns fit me just right at the bust – hurrah! (though I could probably reshape the midriff piece ever so slightly to conform with my shape)

It seems odd to be featuring this very summery dress as we move into the cooler days of fall, but let’s do this. Well, if I’m being perfectly honest, I’m not 100% sold on this fabric and pattern match, but I do think it’s a very sweet dress. I fell for this Nani Iro double gauze the minute I saw it in L.A. and I think it’s one of those things where you fall in love with fabric but don’t quite think about how you’ll feel in it in the final dress.

That’s not to say I didn’t get some wear out of this dress. I wore it to work and out and about on a wooden house walking tour (check it out!) – particularly perfect on that day as it kept me cool. I’ve paired it with a navy cardigan for a bit of a different look too. I did remove the red buttons since it ended up being a little too cutesy for me.

Have you made this pattern? Thoughts? I’ve seen it made in corduroy and paired with a long sleeve shirt underneath for winter, but knowing me I’m unlikely to ever wear it that way. Still, it’s fun to see what others dream up!

Colette Sorbetto: For the Times They Are a-Roastin’


  • Pattern: Sorbetto Top by Colette Patterns
  • Size: 0
  • Fabric: 3/4 yard of 60″ wide Liberty “Suria” Tana Lawn from Brooklyn General; underlined with white voile
  • Notions: White bias tape (one package)
  • Alterations: Lowered the bust darts 1″; lengthened the top 3″
  • Tip: To save paper, you don’t need to print the last page of the pattern section and, if you’re one of the smaller sizes, you don’t need to print out the second page

Oh boy, has it been roasty toasty these past few days. Temperatures have been hitting the 90s (30s C) and after a nice cookout on Saturday with family, I decided to spend Sunday sewing away.

And, look, a one day creation from me! Yes! It’s so nice to tackle a simple sewing project every once in awhile, especially when time is short and you want to take a break from a more involved project.

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