Pool Table Southport Dress


When I told friends I was making a pool table dress, they thought I meant a dress for a pool table. Some fancy covering or other. Nope! Just a green shot cotton dress with some 8-ball buttons I picked up along the way. All I’m missing is a cue stick necklace.

In any case, another Southport Dress by True Bias! I finished it earlier this month and have worn it a few times already. It’s so easy to slip on and go about my day, which unfortunately doesn’t consist of shooting endless rounds of pool (I’m not so good at it anyway).

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Seashell Southport Dress

photo 1

Happy summer, everyone! I kicked off the season with a beach-themed Southport Dress, the latest pattern from Kelli at True Bias. It’s only been finished since, oh, before Memorial Day (end of May) – oops! Actually, I have a few projects to share from the past few weeks. I’ll get to those soon.

In any case, this is my first attempt at a True Bias pattern. I’m a sucker for dresses, as some of you know, and I love the silhouette of this dress. It can be casual or dressy depending on fabric, styling, etc. Also? Very few pattern pieces made this dress come together quickly. That’s a huge plus in my book! I still can’t get over how many pieces it takes to create the facing of the Colette Beignet skirt. Oy.

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